Lonex A1 Supereme Edtion Motor (Long)

Manufactured by Lonex

Our price: 109.99 CAD


NOTE: Not recommended using setups of springs with ratings below M120SP, the high speed/torque nature of the motor may cause damage to internal parts of the gearbox.

  • 45,000 RPM compared the the regular A1 Titan motors
  • Highest teir motor Lonex has to offer. Ability to achieve 30 RPS with ease with high speed set up.
  • Dramatically improved rate of fire, torque, and trigger response upon installation
  • Extremely tough motor axle
  • Dimpled armature for weight balance
  • Heat resistant enameled wire up to 200C
  • Glued wire to withstand high temperature and speed, prevent loosening
  • High conductive motor brush and commutator
  • Equipped with steel pinion gear 
  • Heat resistant high performance rare-earth magnet
  • Ball bearings inside metal case and nylon end bell
  • Machined aluminum bushing with ball bearings
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