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Hosted by Trigger Airsoft and OmegaOps

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If the game is cancelled for reasons we cannot control, all tickets are refundable. There is no cash value and cannot be transferred.
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Introducing, Crossfire! A 3 day event brought to you by OmegaOps, together with Trigger Airsoft, in the neighbourhood of 100 mile, BC. Trigger approached us with an amazing opportunity to bring you, the players, an event worth spending that hard-earned money on, and we jumped at the chance. There will be more to come in the days ahead, including the link to the tickets on Trigger's site, but in the meantime, here’s the skeleton.
May 17 - May 19
Cost is $165 for the event. No day-passes.
3 days of play, with all the Omega bells and whistles.
Prizes to be won.
Huge playing area, with plenty of room to flank and spank.
Commemorative patch included.
Actual objectives to accomplish.
Plenty of Pew.
Crossfire is an evolving 3 day airsoft event, taking place on 400 acres of largely untouched wilderness. Apart from a handful of trails and paths cut into the area, you’re on your own as you battle with your squad across the game site to secure objectives, take land, and eliminate the opposing members before you’re taken down yourself.
Day 1 is really more of a ‘night’ 1. We’ll start in the evening on Friday where you’ll be deployed with your team to secure a central objective. But it won’t be that easy; the other team is after the same central objective. It’ll be a night-time cat-and-mouse game, using the cover of dark to position yourself and secure the well-lit objective to net points for your team for Friday, before the game is paused for the night. You’re gonna need your rest for what’s to come.
Moving into early Saturday, you’ll find the full field for you to explore in the light of day, where the name of the game will be land grab. Flagging stations with the colours of both teams will be scattered about the field for you to locate via the supplied maps, and ‘flip’ to your team’s colours to mark the area as claimed for your side. This not only will count for points during the periodic checks made by game admins, but it’ll be your spawn points when you’re tagged out of the game.
But, again, it’s not that simple as other objectives will be in play, handed down to your commander from Admin, to be assigned and completed on the fly. What will those be? You’ll have to stay tuned into the command net to find out. But there’s been talk of rockets, some assembly required.
That’ll play out over the Saturday, with a brief stoppage in the evening for some proper chow; you’ll need your fuel to make it through the grueling latter half of the day, moving back into night time operations. Break out those NODs once more, if you got them, and sneak a few late-game swaps of the stations to grab points in the early morning hours and give your side that bump, moving into Sunday.
Finally, last day of the event, will see several spots on the playable area designated as Priority Capture Points. You’ll have to battle it out over them, waiting for the opportune moment, then strike hard to drive out the opposing faction and claim victory of the locale to secure the points, before being thrown back into the action and doing it all over again.
This event is gonna be intense. Don’t let the 400 acres fool you, there are notable choke points, land that will be difficult to navigate, and the threat of flanks and rear guard action to keep you on your toes. It takes place at a lovely resort that will be offering rooms for rent over the course of the event, at highly discounted prices, so you can shower between games, get a good night’s rest, and be ready for a full day of action, once more. Camping is, of course, included in the entry fee, and you may be able to bring up a camper, with prior notice to Omega. You know, if glamping is your thing.
Why come on out to Crossfire, instead of hitting up the local field? 27 hours of battle across 400 acres, intense firefights localised around strategic points, the usual pyrotechnics you can expect from an OmegaOps event, dynamic missions and objectives thrown into the mix that you’ll have to attend to learn more about, and 3 days of unique mission priorities to change up the flavour.
Detailed game rules will be released when ready.
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