WE 1100mAh Lipo 11.1V 20C stick

Manufactured by WE

Our price: 39.99 CAD

  • 1100mAh Lipo 11.1V 20C stick
  • Dimension: 21 x 21 x102mm

Attention to customers

This battery is powered by Lithium Polymer, which is known to be explosive if handled without proper care and knowledge.

  • DO NOT charge this type of battery with an universal charger. Double check your charger to ensure compatibility. Charge Li-Po batteries with a proper charger (made for Li-Po batteries) ONLY.
  • DO NOT hit or puncture the surface of the battery.
  • DO NOT over charge the battery unless the charger you are using has a cut-off feature. Double check your charger. 
  • DO NOT completely drain the battery during use.
  • DO NOT discharge the battery.
  • DO NOT store the battery near flammable sources, under direct sunlight, or in a hot enviroment. 
  • Please DO research about this type of battery before purchase


Contact us before using it if you have any questions regarding the safety of this type of batteries. 

We are not liable to any damage caused due to the impoper use and storage of Lithium polymer batteries sold. 

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