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Xpert Brushless Motor

Manufactured by Xpert / RA-Tech



        Features and specifications
  •     Brushless design - eliminates many mechanical limitations. 
  •     Equipped with electronic MOSFET that allows voltage, temperature and resistance monitoring.
  •     Can be programmed and set up burst mode (2 - 5rds). 
  •     Shot counts down setting from 299rds to 0rd,or unlimited
  •     Full auto trigger setting time gaps selection from 0 sec to 1 sec: pulling the trigger again within x amount of time on Burst mode enables full auto.
  •     Battery warning or cut-off when operating voltage drops under 3.2v. 
  •     Battery voltage display.
  •     Each semi shot is pre-cocked automatically. Full auto mode releases the pre-cock.
  •     Operating Voltage: DC 7.4V 11.1V
  •     Operating Temperature: -10~+60 ºC
  •     Maximum Power : 210W
  •     Motor Speed: 7.4V 21600rpm ±10%
  •     Operating Voltage: DC7.4v-11.1v

What would happen after you install this motor?

  •    Drastically increased response ~40% noticeable increase
  •    Low noise (no winding/ grinding sound)
  •    Low maintenance due to lack of brushes resulting in drastically increased life-span.
  •    Less heat production; better heat dissipation
  •    Lower power consumption from removing friction between brushes and the rotor
  •    Higher energy output due to no heat production from brushes. More energy transferred to rotor.
  •    Higher speed range due to lower rotor load (stationary coils)
  •    Higher efficiency (combination of higher energy output and lower energy consumption)
  •    Very torque-y. Can pull heavy springs easily without torque gears. Resulted from combined increase in overall performance.

NOTE: This is not a drop-in motor. Installation requires wire soldering and advanced knowledge about gearboxes and internal parts. Contact your local store technician to have it properly installed, or contact us for more information. ITEM IS FINAL SALE. Warranty covered by Trigger Airsoft only if installed by our technitian. Or proof of receipt from local technician confirming item is defective. 

Verdict: Yes it's worth it.

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