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Archwick MK13 Compact Spring Sniper

History of MK13 C

MK13C is a customized sniper rifle based on Surgeon Rifles in the United States. It uses AI's AX AICS customized bolted short barrel version, making it easier to move and carry, and adapt to different use environments.


  • 1:1 Full size
  • Authorized by Accuracy International
  • Real long-range bolt body, simulated bolt screw groove, 20MOA scope mount, foldable buttstock, key slot QD rail system, adjustable cheek pads, 3 sets QD strap loop.
  • The outer barrel group is implemented to avoid resonance.
  • Steel flash hider, can be used with quick-release silencer.
  • Patented vertical downward pressure integrated aluminum composite cnc hopup base, enlarged pressure point window, can replace two large and small pressure points, to match different initial velocity and bomb weight, and can be adjusted up and down in two steps.
  • Steel cylinder, CNC 90 degree piston, stainless steel rod, use 13mm piano wire spring, easy to push and pull
  • 90 degree steel trigger group
  • Front-mounted hidden magazine slot
  • 50 rounds magazine
  • The internal parts of the gun fully comply with VSR10 specifications


  • Build Material : Aluminum alloy, Reinforced nylon
  • Magazine Capacity : 50 rounds ( 6mm )
  • Length : 704.5mm / 950mm
  • Weight : 3500g
  • System : Manual Air Cocking
  • Fire Mode : Semi
  • Hop-Up : Adjustable
  • Muzzle Velocity : Approx. 370-390fps with 0.2g bbs
  • Package Includes : MK13 C / 1 x 50 Rds Magazine / Manual / Allen Key

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