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SKU: ASG-18163

ASG Steel Spring Guide w- Bearing

Upgraded spring guide for the EVO 3A1.

This upgraded spring guide has a core of high-tension steel, making it capable of handling any power spring one could wish to install in the EVO.

The outer part of the guide rod has a free rotating sleeve made in POM polymer, which protects the spring from unnecessary wear and heat build-up, as well as minimizing friction. In combination a supported pressure bearing this spring guide will handle any power level of springs installed and ensure maximum spring lifespan.

It is also the easiest upgrade ever, since the spring guide on the EVO can be removed without disassembly.


Prolongs the spring lifespan

Extremely strong- handles from M90 to M190 springs and above

Increases the ROF (Rate of Fire)

Increases muzzle velocity

Reduces mechanical friction

Reduces power usage