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KSC Auto 9 Heavy Weight GBBP (Japan Ver)

The HW version of "Auto 9" boasts a higher level of actual shooting performance than it looks, thanks to the site picture that is easy to aim with the long stabilizer and the inner barrel of the longest class of hand guns.

The frame and slide are made of heavy weight material, and the blowback operation by increasing the weight is powerful.
Furthermore, the heavy weight and cold texture, and the realistic engraving that was omitted in the regular product are also attractive.

[About heavy weight products]
The texture is not uniform due to the metal powder mixed in to increase the weight
It causes partial unevenness. Please note.

* Stabilizer and grip are not made by HW.

  • Built Material: Plastic
  • Magazine Capacity: 38 Shots
  • Length: 370mmWeight: 1245g
  • System: Gas Blowback Semi / Full-Auto
  • Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Manual

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