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LayLax FNX-45 Inner Barrel 113.5mm

  • 6.00 mm bore diameter! Reduces air loss and preserves power! 
  • Use with high-quality BBs to unlock your gun's true accuracy potential! 
  • Made in Japan! 

Based on the engineering processes that go into the making of our Prometheus EG Barrels! 

When used with high-quality BBs, barrels with tight bores can improve the accuracy of your shots (according to LayLax's own tests). 

Having less space between the BB and the inside of the barrel also means a reduction in air loss and more direct application of gas pressure. This, in turn, makes the BB travel faster when fired. 

LayLax's Power Barrels are perfect for you if either of the following apply! 
·You're a shooter who uses high-quality BBs and wants to maximize accuracy 
·You're an airsofter who wants to maximize volume of air and increase FPS 

Compatible Models: Tokyo Marui Gas Blowback FNX-45 

  • Length: 113.5 mm
  • Inner Diameter: 6.00 mm
  • Material: Stainless steel (SUS)