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Prometheus EG Gear Standard Cycle 18:1

  • Higher Semi-Auto response!
  • Wide Compatibility Models!
  • Cleared 30,000 shots durability performance test!

PROETHEUS Gear set for standard AEG Gear Box.
LayLax has modified the material and the design based on our previous models of Prometheus gear sets.

The shape and dimension have been finely adjusted, and are compatible with various gear box platforms.
Bevel gear with 10 teeth for the anti-reversal latch, which will improve semi-auto response.    

Each gear has unique PROMETHEUS brand Logo.
We have dyed each gear to emphasize the markings. The colors will be unique to each unit.

Set Includes:

  • Sector Gear ×1
  • Spur Gear ×1
  • Bevel Gear ×1
  • Shim 0.1mm ×6 pcs
  • Shim 0.2mm ×6 pcs
  • Shim 0.3mm ×6 pcs
  • Shim 0.5mm ×6 pcs

Compatible Models:

Tokyo Marui Standard AEG:

  • M4 Series
  • AK Series
  • MP5 Series
  • G3 Series etc.


  • TRIDENT Series
  • LVOA Series
  • GPR-CC Series etc.


  • CM16 Series
  • GC16 Series etc.