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Tokyo Marui AK White Storm Next Gen. AEG

● Shoot & Recoil Engine : The AK WHITE STORM"recoil shock" system provides a recoil and imitates the bolt movement every shots. The air gun is equipped with a system that stops the shooting once the magazine is empty to increase reality and functions of the replica.

● Bolt Release System : Once the magazine is empty the AK WHITE STORM will stop shooting. The shooter will need to put a new magazine full of BBs and rack the bolt in order to allow the gun to shoot again, action that increases the realism of the replica.

● Metal Parts : The lower receiver and other parts are made from die cast metal or stamped steel.

● Surface Finish : The lower receiver has been coated with "defric coat" that mimics the bluing of original AKs body. The handguard and the stock have a evry realistic wood like finish.

● Adjustable Front & Rear Sight : The front sight can be adjusted in height and from right to left using a tool that is included. The rear sight is also adjustable in height like every other AKs.

● Muzzle : The muzzle protection piece is attached to a 14mm CCW thread on which can be attached a silencer.

● Stamped steel magazine : A 90 rounds stamped steel magazine is included with the AKS47 Type 3 (magazine that allows the auto-stop system / the AK74 type magazine are not compatible)

● Magazine Adaptor : A magazine adaptor that allows the use of Tokyo Marui standard AEG AKS47 magazines is included. Nevertheless the use of such magazines will not make the auto-stop system function.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Tokyo Marui AK WHITE STORM
  • 1 x Standard magazine (90 rds)
  • 1 x Standard AK AEG magazine adaptor (to fit AK47 standard AEG magazines)
  • 1 x Safety cap
  • 1 x User manual
  • 1 x BB loader tube
  • 1 x Cleaning rod

Battery and Charger sold separately

Must be 18+ to purchase