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Tokyo Marui P226 E2 Stainless

The SIG P226 pistol improved on the base P220 design for the 1982 US military sidearm trial.

Although it lost the trial, its high performance were recognized by the US Navy SEALs, which was later adopted as the Mark 25 pistol. Other agencies have used it informally, and improvements have been made such as adopting a rust-resistant stainless steel storm-compatible slide and a mount rail that can be equipped with lights.

In 2010, the "P226 E2" with further improvements will be announced. "E2" stands for "Enhanced Ergonomics" and, as the word implies, is ergonomically designed. While inheriting the advantages of the traditional model, it is now easier for more people to use.


  • Stainless steel matte color finish with unique velvet box
  • E2 variant with enhanced ergonomic grip and short reset trigger
  • Double and Single action system with sperate decocker mechanism
  • Reliable slide lock design


  • Built Material: ABS
  • Magazine Capacity: 25+1
  • Length: 196mm
  • Barrel Length: 97mm
  • Weight: 742g
  • System: Gas Blowback ( 134a ) / Hop Up

Must be 18+ to purchase