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SKU: ASG-17336

ASG 40mm Gas Grenade Shells - 90rds



  • Precision CNC machined aluminum construction
  • High quality silicone o-rings for improved air seal and reliability
  • Specialty shell can be loaded with up to 90x 6mm BBs
  • Easy to reset
  • 10pcs reuseable plugs included
  • Gas: Green Gas
  • Capacity: 65x 6mm BBs
  • Length: 40mm x 85mm
  • Compatibility: Most popular Airsoft 40mm grenade launchers
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy

Reliable and affordable, as well as fast and easy to reload, is what makes this small 40mm Airsoft grenade so popular. Ideal for multiple grenade launchers. To reload, simply pour all 90 BB's into the center chamber and seal it with the rubber stopper, then charge it with gas and it's ready to go. Important! Recommended for gas only.

This airsoft grenade, is a device that looks like a real grenade, but uses a gas propellant to shot 90 x 6mm BB's. When inserted in a grenade launcher, and fired, it shoots all the BB's at once with a big blast, great for room clearing and suppressive fire. A powerful grenade that can be used in all Launchers.

When choosing which grenade to use, there are some factors to consider.
As a rule, the more BB's the grenade can fire, the bigger the chance of hitting the target.

But the more BB's it fires the less powerful the shot, and the shorter the range.
The heavier the BB, the more stable the flight, and the more energy they will strike with.

A short barrel launcher will allow the BB's to spread more, good for close range.
A long barrel launcher will keep the BB's in a more tight spread, better for medium range.