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LCT Z Series PT-1 AK Foldable Buttstock

New generation LCT PT-1 AK buttstock. CNC machined aluminum construction. Telescopic, 20 length positions, 5 cheek riser positions and 6 buttpad positions. Folds to the left.

CNC machined aluminum construction
CNC machined steel lock
Five positions cheek riser
Six positions adjustable buttpad
20 positions telescopic mechanism
Has ambidextrous swivel
Rubber buttpads

Note: Before folding the stock, please keep pressing the button up, then folding. It will cause damage in improper operation.

For LCT VZK-MSU / LCK-74MN / LCKS-74M / STK-74 / LCK-104 / LCK-105 / LCKS-74 / LCKS-74UN / PP-19-01 / LCK-106 / RPKS74 / RPKS74MN / TK-105 / TK-102 / TX-S74UN
Compatible with GHK AK GBB series