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Maple Leaf Silencer Adapter Head

  •  For VSR-10 / FN SPR A5M Bull Outer Barrel

*Setting o-rings on the both inner ends to fix inner barrel, also there is removal slot.
*Extending outer barrel with the screw cap.  
*Three ways to assemble the product:
A. For the length of original inner barrel, it's used to fix the front side of inner barrel. 
     Assemble an o-ring and place the 14mm CCW screw in the outer barrel to prevent the collision.
B. For silencer with inner barrel fixed. 
    Place the 14mm CCW screw forward to assemble silencer. (It needs to assemble an o-ring)
C. For extending and fixing inner barrel. 
    Extended inner barrel can be covered by silencer. (O-rings should be assembled on the both ends)