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PolarStar Kythera V3 - AK

Polarstar Kythera (Semi-Auto) V3 - (AK)

  • Designed from the ground up as a high-performance mechanical HPA system, not a modification of a solenoid-operated system
  • Patent pending valve mechanism provides excellent efficiency and consistent velocity combined with a realistic trigger pull and reset
  • Completes a full shot cycle on the trigger pull alone, leading to consistent nozzle movements and rapid follow-up shots
  • Weight, length of pull, and over travel of trigger can be adjusted
  • Adjustable nozzle dwell/return speed
  • Wide-operating pressure range of 60 to 180 psi


Realistic Trigger

The Kythera (KIH-THEER-A / KIH-THER-A) system is designed to replicate the function, weight, and feel of a real single-action firearm trigger.

The trigger is also adjustable, allowing the user to fine-tune the weight and over travel.

Complete Shot Cycle

On a trigger pull, the Kythera SA completes a shot-cycle, The performance is the same as the Fusion Engine and F2 systems, except in a completely mechanical, waterproof system with a realistic trigger.

After the system resets and recharges immediately after firing, it becomes ready to fire again before the trigger has been released, allowing for faster follow-up shots and a lower potential for double-feeding.

Extremely Efficient and Consistent

The Kythera operates without the need for air to control the opening or closing of the valve.

The efficiency and consistency of the valve design allows the mechanism to release the valve at the same point with the same force applied, regardless of trigger input.

Universal Charging Cord

The cord is designed to be either routed through the grip of the rifle for easy access or attached in some way to the charging handle.

Easy Installation

Installs into a standard gearbox as a single assembly and typically does not require any modification to the gearbox. There are no additional parts to install and the only parts needing to be retained from the gearbox are the trigger, spring guide, selector, and safety components.

Wide Velocity Adjustment Range

This system operates at a pressure range between 60 to 180 psi, with a muzzle velocity of approximately 270 to 500 FPS (measured using 0.20g BBs and a 6.05 x 380 millimeter barrel).