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TITAN II Bluetooth V2 Rear Wired - for HPA

Brand new TITAN II Bluetooth® for V2 GB is GATE flagship Electronic Trigger Unit (ETU). Built-in Bluetooth 5.2 technology gives you direct access to TITAN settings, AEG telemetry and ability to use smartwatch, STATUS and other future devices of GATE Ecosystem. Innovative gear sensor not only counts gears, but also as first in the world determines the direction of a gear rotation, offering you the most precise cycle control in AEGs. Mind-blowing optical trigger sensor allows you for setting hair trigger with ludicrous precision: even 50 sensitivity levels for the first millimeter of trigger movement, keeping TITAN V2 sensor advantages. TITAN II Bluetooth® is equipped with a multifunctional port ready for connecting additional accessories such as bolt-catch, magazine sensor, tracer in hop-up chamber and others.

  • Supply Voltage Range: 

    3.75-17 VDC
  • Rated Current: 30 A
  • Current Consumption: 27 mA
  • Low Power Mode: 100 µA
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth® 5.2 Low Energy
  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Thickness): 47.2 mm x 28.9 mm x 14.5 mm
  • Finished Product Weight: 28.2 g
  • Operating Temperature Range: min. -15° C, max. +50° C
  • Relative Humidity: ≤ 80%
  • Programmable power supply with eFuse: Connect additional accessories such as hop-up chamber tracer and electric magazines

2x Multifunctional port

Connect additional accessories such as bolt catch, magazine sensor, external trigger and selector sensorsㅤ

Compatible accessories:

  • Power supply cable (GEL BLASTER/Electric Magazine/Tracer)
  • Cable for single solenoid HPA
  • Cables for dual solenoid HPA
  • Divider ready for connecting many accessories (you can connect 1x power supply cable and 2x I/O cable)
  • Universal I/O cable for max. 2 DIY accessories (Bolt-catch, Magazine sensor, Flashlight)
  • Bolt-catch with button and cable (ready to connect)
  • Magazine sensor with cable (ready to connect)

Connect your TITAN with the GCS App via Bluetooth® and get total control of your AEG:

  • Control your airsoft gun from your iOS, Android, macOS or Windows device
  • Set trigger sensitivity exactly as you like and adjust other TITAN settings in a simple way
  • Use automatic Pre-Cocking to gain a trigger reaction just like in a real gun
  • Try out ROF control, magazine simulation, and other functions
  • Update and upgrade Firmware
  • Check BB counters and telemetric data
  • Perform diagnostics and send reports
  • Virtual STATUS for smartwatches and smartphones
  • Bolt Catch and magazine sensors for a realistic reload sequence


TITAN and GCS App give you total control of your AEG. ㅤ

The GCS offers you the option to:

• Control your airsoft gun from a smartphone with Android, iOS and PC with Windows or macOS

• Get real-time data from your smartwatch (with Wear OS or watchOS) to reinforce your tactical decisions and get the advantage necessary to win

• No more surprises with an empty magazine or a discharged battery

• Easily adjust the TITAN settings during the game

• Update and upgrade firmware

• View the BB counters, electrical measurements, and statistics

• Perform diagnostics and send reports

• Get the latest news from GATE Enterprise



Five optical trigger sensors allow you to control trigger sensitivity. You don't have to disassemble your AEG. Just connect to the GATE Control Station App to adjust the trigger to your preferences and skill level.

  • Mind-blowing trigger sensor, with the advantages of the TITAN sensor but with the ability to set hair trigger with ludicrous precision: even 50 sensitivity levels for the first millimeter of trigger movement
  • Brand-new patented gear sensor detects each tooth and the direction of gear movement allowing for the world’s most precise cycle control
  • Mechanical protection of trigger sensors increase reliability—trigger sensors damage is now covered by warranty
  • Ultra-precise telemetry measurements thanks to the new current sensor
  • Pre-Cocking can be set in %
  • Build in boost converter—trouble-free operation in low temperatures
  • Lowest in the market current consumption. Deep sleep mode with only 0.1 mA current consumption prevents battery discharge (3x lower consumption than in current ETUs, which already had the lowest current consumption on the market).

Compatibility with GATE Ecosystem

  • Compatibility with GATE Ecosystem including GATE STATUS and future hop-up chamber with tracer
  • User-friendly GCS app for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, watchOS, Wear OS
  • TITAN II can be connected with smartwatch
  • Ultra-precise telemetry measurements thanks to the new current sensor

Multifunctional programmable port

  • Hop-up chamber to tracer and sensors
  • Bolt-catch button
  • HPA Engine*
  • Electric Magazine
  • Magazine sensor
  • Flashlight
  • More
* (For dual solenoid engine you need an additional cable or HPA wiring version)