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Green Tracer. Red Tracer. The Acetech BT can shoot them all!

An all-in-on package, the BT tracer unit combines a lightweight tracer body with an advanced chronograph unit that can be accessed on your phone.

We take a close look at one of the best tracer unit offerings available on the current market by Acetech.

Is your BB not flying straight? Dropping too low? Going left and right? In this short guide we talk about Hop-Up systems, what they are, and how to adjust the system to get your BBs to go where you want it to go!
Did you just pick up your first AEG and looking to get more magazines? Not sure which type of mag to get? In this quick guide, we take a look at the different types of mags on offer in the current market, thier pros and cons, and hopefully you can find what works for your mission.

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