[EVENT] CROSSFIRE II - What To Bring For Your First Milsim

Crossfire II Milsim event is being held at 100 Mile House in BC, this is the sequel event to the first Crossfire that debut in 2019. 

So, what is Crossfire?

Crossfire is a semi casual milsim event being hosted by Trigger Airsoft and Omega Ops. The three-day event bring multiple tiers of experiences to players, from the casual player, to the hardcore overnight milsim chads, there is something here for everyone.

Unlike the hardcore milsim events found in the United States, where you are required to camp out and have quite a high level of experience to enjoy the game. Crossfire blends in a mix of milsim, skirmish, and resort experiences together. You can participate how ever you like, if you want to play just the day games that is cool, if you want to camp overnight and fight in the dark, there is that option as well. There is no obligation to be super hardcore.


What do I need to bring?

Despite Crossfire not being a traditional milsim event, you will need to pack more gear then your typical 20-30min airsoft skirmishes. We will cover some of the basic gear required to play, and some gear that makes milsim different from your average airsoft game. 

1. The Basics

- Primary

  • You will obviously need a primary rifle of some sort, this is the whole point of the game, you go pew pew at people. We do recommend that you go with platforms that are geared towards range, since most milsims are outdoor events. Only exceptions being, if you are playing specialist roles such as a vehicle driver or a medic, in those cases, short/light platforms such as SMG/PCCs are better suited.
  • If you think I forgot about secondaries, I did not, from our experience, most outdoor milsims are long range engagements, so the chances of you using your secondary is minimal. If you want to carry a secondary that is fine too, just remember to have the gear to support that platform.

- Ammo/Consumables 

  • Bring ammo to last the whole event, according to the event rules, some events might provide field BBs which are used throughout the event. For AEGs bring extra batteries, and for GBB users, bring extra gas. Other accessories can be brought such as smoke grenades, glow sticks, etc. as long as they comply with the event rules.

- Load bearing Gear

  • Milsims are run for the whole day without interment breaks, so you will need to bring some stuff on you such as extra ammo, food, or water. There is no time for you to go back to grab things, so it is really important that you set up your gear to fit the minimum amount of gear to sustain you for at least a day. There are a lot of gear options out there, we suggest you think about what you are going to bring and then set up your gear accordingly. Most players do carry some sort of bag or backpack to carry extra stuff.

- Pouches

  • One of the most important part of your kit, is pouches, there are a lot of options out there, pick what you're like, as long as they can carry the essentials.
    • Mags - most players carry at least 6-8 mags (using 150rd mid-caps as example) on their person, you can carry extra in a backpack.
    • Radio - communications is very important, since milsims are played over a large area. Being able to talk to your teammates is great, but more importantly it allows to to get help if you are injured or lost.
    • Water - Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Airsoft is a physical sport which means sweating is going to happen, in order to keep you from dehydration you will need water. A minimum of 2 Litres can last you around 6 hours, with most players carrying more. Camelbacks are a great option to carry water without a backpack. 
    • Admin pouch - You can have multiple of these pouches or in varying sizes, admin pouches carry your other field essentials that is not the aforementioned. Some examples of other gear to bring are: 
      • Speed loaders
      • Maps + Compass (navigation tools)
      • Extra batteries
      • Multitool or small tools
      • Extra mags or ammo
      • Lights (night use)

A lot of the gear listed can also be used for regular airsoft games, you might just need to increase/decrease your current loadout to fit the minimum milsim basic requirements, otherwise that all covers the basics.


2. Milsim Gear

What makes milsim different, is these longer events will require you to carry more stuff then you are used to in a typical short skirmish game. 

  • Backpack - Probably the easiest way to carry extra stuff such as extra water, snacks, mags, BBs, etc.
  • Food - Although there is no schedule break time, there are moments when nothing is really happening, you can take this time to eat/drink. Depending on how long the break is you might only have time to eat a snack or a meal if your lucky. Granola/Power bars are very handy, MREs or something that is quick to prepare are good choices if you want to have a meal. Do not pack too much as you have to keep weight into consideration
  • Water - Extra water is always useful, if you are considered about the weight just remember that the more you drink the lighter it gets. 2-4 Litres can comfortably get you through a day (~8 hrs)
  • Helmet - It is very common to hit you head on something during these large events, whether its from foliage or grenades. A good piece of kit to have, it can also allow you to attach comms equipment or night vision....if you have the monies for it!
  • Cold/Wet Weather Gear - Depending on the location and season that you are playing in, it is a good idea to bring some sort of rain or cold weather gear. You might not need to carry it on your back all the time, but it is something you can keep stored at your lodging area if you are not using it. The last thing you want, is playing out there either freezing, or wet in your clothing, it is not a fun experience. Some camo waterproof uniforms can be expensive as they are not repro airsoft gear, if budget is a concern then typical civilian ponchos or gear can work.


In reality it is not that much gear that you will need to play, most of the stuff is just carrying extra then you would your average skirmish. There are a lot of gear options in the modern era, and we could go on forever to pick the right kit, but I will let you decide.

Its important to set a budget, and work around it, remember its safety first, so don't skip out on the food and water, it will keep you healthy. If you are in a team, ask you teammates for help, if you are solo or unsure what you need to bring feel free to contact us or come visit our store. All of our staff are well experienced in airsoft and we would be glad to help you find the right gear for you.

Gear up for you next mission, with us, at Trigger Airsoft!

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