Poseidon Product Warranty

90 Days Parts & Labour Warranty
180 Days Parts Warranty
  • Warranty begins on day of purchase, any attempt to modify, tech, or self-repair the guns will void the warranty (inner barrel and bucking changes are considered modifications). If there is an issue contact us either via email, phone, or in-store visit.
  • Please keep original receipt for proof and date of purchase.
  • Non-transferable. Warranty only applies to the initial first buyer does not transfer to another buyer.
  • The initial return shipping cost to our store will not be covered. However, return shipping to your location will be covered by the warranty.
  • Warranty does not cover any guns that have been upgraded. Any upgraded guns will only have store tech warranty.
  • Does not cover external wear and tear or other cosmetic damage.
  • Warranty is not cover by user error. Includes using low quality BBs.
  • Warranty is not extended after a warranty repair; it will still be counted from initial date of purchase.


  • Does not cover battery induced damage. Use only 7.4v 30C or 11.1v 30C batteries.
  • Use included original battery adapter.


  • For Poseidon gas blow back rifles and pistols warranty will be voided if guns are used with Propane, CO2, or other non-standard (higher then 14kg) high pressure gas such as Nuprol Red & Black gas, etc.