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4UANTUM Heat Resistant Gear Lubricant Pen


  • Affectively minimizes friction w/ metal to metal contact
  • Ideal for gears in the gearbox
  • Integrated tip reaches thin gaps
  • High adhesion, high abrasion resistance, and super low friction
  • Heat-resistant formula which maintain optimal adhesion
  • Twist pen makes it easy to carry and allows for touch-free application!

Continuous friction introduces excessive heat which will decrease the viscosity in regular lubricant grease and oils, causing it to lose adhesion to the components that it's supposed to protect. Such is the case with AEG gearboxes where gears wear against each other at very high speeds.

4UANTUM GEAR is an ideal product specifically developed for this application. It uses a heat-resistant formula which maintains optimal adhesion to gears even well beyond the temperature gearboxes can reach, providing lasting protection and lubrication to your gears.