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SKU: AT-PAT2000-B-105

Acetech Predator L Tracer w- AT2000R

Acetech Predator L Tracer Unit (with AT2000R Tracer Module)

AT2000R is a tracer module and can be used with silencer. As long as silencer’s internal space is able to accommodate the AT2000R module, the AT2000R module can be installed into silencer, which makes silencer become a tracer unit.

AT2000R module is equipped with infrared sensors at its both ends, which can detect airsoft pellets. User can install AT2000R module into the silencer in any direction according to user’s preference and the appearance of silencer.

Support green and red tracer BBs.
Support up to 30 PRS, no light decaying, missing lighting
10440 Li-ion 3.7V battery(including).
Led power indicator / battery power indicator
FCC, CE, ROHS compliant
1. 10440 Li-ion battery x 1(Warranty for 3 month)
2. Micro-USB charging cable x 1
Dimension: Diameter: 32.4 mm, length: 68mm
Weight: 36g (with 10440 battery)