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SKU: PAS0107-T-001

Acetech Raider Tracer Unit (w- Bifrost)

Acetech Raider Tracer Unit with Bifrost M Tracer Unit (14mm CCW)

  • Intelligent Power Control.
  • Compatible with standard, green tracer BBs and Gel Balls.
  • USB Type-C Port for Charging.
  • Bifrost simulates muzzle flash with multi-color flame effect. The effect of flame depends on volume of gas or fog around the muzzle, more volume makes better effect.
  • Designed for any Muzzle Thread 14mm CCW and 11mm CW. The contents of the package come with an M14- to M11+ adaptor.
  • The proper size for pistols and rifles. Ultra-compact design, less than B1mm in length and 30mm in diameter. 
  • Precision CNC Machined Aluminum Construction.
  • Starting from January 2024, Type-C Cable will not be included.