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SKU: A02-001

ActionArmy AluminumAlloy CylinderHead V2

The Action Army Ver. 2 Cylinder Head is made from high quality Aluminum and is designed to fit the Ver. 2 gearbox. The Action Army series of upgrade parts are compatible with most major brands of AEG such as Tokyo Marui G&G ICS VFC KWA H&K JG SRC UMAREX Class Army Echo 1. Action Army is providing a cylinder head with 2 o-rings instead of just one. The extra o-ring provides a much better seal against the cylinder for maximum compression.

Double o-ring for maximum air seal and FPS output.Flat large bottom rubber mat made out of high quality rubber.

Compatibility Type: Version 2 M4, M16, M733, MP5, SCAR,Compatibility Brand: Tokyo Marui G&G ICS VFC H&K JG SRC UMAREX Class Army Echo 1

Material: Made from Aluminum.

Surface Treatment: Military grade anodizing.