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SKU: ASG-19832

ASG Storm D-Tonator Impact Grenade


Get ready to blow your opponent’s away with the ASG D-tonator Grenade.

This reusable airsoft grenade is made from a high density polymer, designed to be thrown over and over again without taking any severe damage. And, thanks to its internal gas cylinder and simple loading system, you can quickly and easily refill the grenade after each throw to get back in the game.

The ASG D-tonator safety system has been designed to do away with the more traditional ‘pin safety’ approach and instead opts for a simple switch. All you have to do is slide it from off to on and you’re ready to go, vastly reducing the chances of accidental detonation and lost safety pins.

Capable of holding up to 155 BBs and covering an effective 360 degree area, the ASG D-tonator helps ensure everyone in the room will be shouting ‘HIT!’.

Also available in the highly visible and easy to re-locate colour, ASG D-tonator Yellow.


  • High density polymer construction
  • Impact trigger mechanism
  • 155 BB’s per grenade
  • A simple on/off safety switch
  • Reusable, cost effective fun.
  • Gas powered
  • 360-degree area of effect – let it rain!


  • Mag. Capacity: 155 Rounds
  • Velocity: 67ms/220fps
  • Weight: 160gr/lb
  • Energy: 0.45 joule