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EG - COMP M5 Style Red Dot W LRP Style QD Mount 1.93''

The CompM5 is a compact, lightweight, and extremely rugged red dot optic in the Comp™ series of sights. The CompM5™ sight was designed to take up minimal space on the weapon platform while still offering extreme ruggedness and durability.

The CompM5 optic features recessed lenses with protective flip-up lens covers. The front cover is solid, and rear is transparent – allowing the user to shoot with both eyes open while the lens caps are closed in an emergency situation

Aimpoint red dot sights increase confidence by allowing the shooter to focus on the target while keeping both eyes open, fully situationally aware at all times. Users can achieve first round hits faster with greater confidence.

  • Features a 2 MOA red dot for precise aiming and fast target acquisition.
  • Runs on an easy-to-find 1xAAA battery.
  • Flip-up lens covers with a solid front and transparent rear for shooting with both eyes open in emergency situations.
  • Advanced optical lenses enhance light transmission and provide ultimate dot clarity.
  • Turrets are reinforced for greater ruggedness and protection.
  • Boasts a hard anodized non-reflective surface for stealthy gameplay.
  • Offers 10 brightness settings, including 3 night vision compatible and 6 daylight settings.
  • Non-magnifying 1X operation for parallax-free aiming; Can withstand impacts of up to 550G.
  • This product comes with realistic markings.
  • Unity style FAST riser is sold separately, NOT INCLUDED.