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G&G x Prometheus AEG EG Barrel 260mm

?Stainless Steel Precision Inner Barrel (f6.03) for G&G ARMAMENT AEG ?Inner f6.03mm with Precision ±0.01mm Tolerance! ?Solid BB stability and accuracy, made with enhanced stainless steel material! ?Compatible with Outer barrel inner dia. 8.6mm?9.2mm! Prometheus Precision Inner Barrel (f6.03) designed for G&G ARMAMENT AEG! This EG Barrel is designed specifically for G&G ARMAMENTAEG line up. We have designed these high performance barrels by; selecting the best barrel length, specification dimension, and have carefully adjusted the shape specifically for the G&G ARMAMENT AEG. Inner f6.03mm precision±0.01mm tolerance is made possible by using enhanced stainless steel material. Inner Barrel is the last parts that BBs comes in contact. This is why we make supreme class inner barrels made with excellent selected material & high quality finish. ¦Barrel Length: 260mm ¦Inner Diameter: 6.03mm ¦Material: Stainless Steel (SUS) ¦Compatible Model (G&G ARMAMENT AEG):CM16 SRL