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"Gamma" Straight Trigger for TM HI-CAPA

Straight from the source of airsoft itself, Japan, Nine Ball produces some of the highest quality aftermarket parts available. The Gamma Straight Trigger is, of course, no different. Compatible with the ever popular Hi-CAPA series of handguns, the Gamma trigger is constructed using high quality aluminum, both for durability as well as weight reduction.

Incorporating the Gamma Straight trigger into a Hi-CAPA allows the end user to manipulate the trigger at a much faster rate due to the slim profile of the trigger. If you are looking to improve the aesthetics of your handgun, building a race style gun, or simply improving the functionality of your side arm, the Gamma Straight Trigger from Nine Ball is sure to impress.

Compatibility: TM HI-Capa Series 5.1 / 4.3, Government Series, Warrior Series, MEU Pistol, Detonics .45

Material: Aluminum