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Gate ASTER V3 SE Expert

ASTER V3 SE is a complex system that turns your AEG into future-proof advanced training equipment. Unleash the full potential of your AEG by replacing trigger contacts with an advanced Computerized Trigger Unit. Gain unique tactical advantage thanks to extremely fast trigger response and lots of other useful functions.

ASTER V3 SE raises the price-performance ratio including new functions programmable via trigger. Now, out-of-the-box, you can set sensitivity from hair to full movement. Improved Programming via Trigger gives you new settings like automatic Pre-Cocking (LOW, MID, HIGH), trigger sensitivity adjustment, Active Brake settings with top-class adaptive mode and new SAFE - SEMI - BINARY selector mode. Calibration, DTC codes - all available just via trigger and selector movement. ASTER's smart fuse protects your AEG’s battery, motor, and the controller, even in the case of reverse battery connection. This feature, along with the optical sensors, makes ASTER V3 SE one of the most durable ETUs on the market. 

  • Supply Voltage Range: 3.75-12.9 V

  • Current Consumption: 23 mA
  • Low Power Mode: 288 µA
  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 43.8 mm x 28.7 mm x 7.2 mm
  • Finished Product Weight: 22.25 g
  • Operating Temperature Range: min. -15°C max. + 50°C
  • Relative Humidity: ≤ 80%

Connect your ASTER V3 SE with the GCS App and get total control of your AEG

You choose how to configure ASTER V3 SE – simply via trigger or through USB-Link / Blu-Link and our advanced GCS App. You can ask your technician to update ASTER V3 SE firmware using Blu-Link or USB-Link, carry out diagnostics or change settings in a very convenient way. You can also get your own Blu-Link and use the smartwatch app, giving you real-time data to reinforce your tactical decisions.

Control your airsoft replica from your iOS, Android, macOS or Windows device using an additional dongle—USB-Link or BluLink
Set trigger sensitivity exactly as you like and adjust other ASTER V2 SE settings in a simple way
Use automatic Pre-Cocking to gain a trigger reaction just like in a real replica

  • Everything you need out-of-the-box
  • Quantum Trigger included in the kit
  • No need to use USB-Link for installation and configuration
  • New noise-resistant trigger detection algorithm
  • Hair-trigger out-of-the box. Even 60 trigger sensitivities for the 1st mm (0.04 in) of movement
  • Additional protection against interferences thanks to multi-layer PCB with EMC shield
  • Automatic Pre-Cocking: LOW / MID / HIGH
  • Trigger sensitivity adjustment without any limitation
  • Improved cycle detection
  • Active brake adjustment: Adaptive / 100% / 60% / Brushless motor / OFF
  • New selector mode: SAFE - SEMI - BINARY instead of SAFE - BINARY - AUTO
  • GCS App allows for making firmware updates via the internet, which enables quick applying of improvements