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GBLS DAS GDR 416 (2022 Version)

Accessories shown in images are for display purposes only and are not included. Gun comes with orange tip.


  • Length : 712 / 812mm (28.03 / 31.97in)
  • Mass : 2.98Kg(6.57lb)
  • Barrel Length : 263mm(10.35in)
  • Cartridge : 5.95mm BB / Laser module
  • Feed system : 30 / 60 rounds GBLS mag / Smart mag
  • Modes : Auto / Semi / Safe
  • Rate of fire : 700-900 rounds/min
  • Muzzle velocity : 370-400 FPS
  • Power source : 11.1v Li-po, Li-ion batteries

Battery and Charger sold separately

Must be 18+ to purchase


The new GDR416 is a faithful replication of the popular HK416D platform which is currently used by many special operations forces and law enforcement agencies around the world. Due to the intense training required as a special forces operative the need of a efficient and cost effective training platform was requested.

GBLS was established to address the needs of the South Korean military and law enforcement to produce a training rifle that accurate replicates the manual of arms and firing mechanism of the AR-15/416 platforms. Exported and used by many law enforcement agencies around the world the GDR416 can be adapted to fit many different training methods, from airsoft use, to military MILES laser target training system, even for dry fire use for indoor training or for film work.

Built to the same specs as the real counterpart using metal forging, heat treatment, and similar strength 7075 aluminum alloy the GDR416 is not your typical AEG airsoft gun, but a MILSPEC training rifle that is both durable but easy to use, without the need of typical cleaning and mess of real carbon fouling from rifle cartridges.


DAS (Dynamic Action System)

Electric driven firearm action mechanism, to deliver realistic manual of arms as their real-world counterparts. Originally designed for military and police training the GBLS DAS platforms have been created to fit all different training systems which include airsoft (BBs), Laser module for film, Miles system, VR, and Dry fire configurations

Built to real firearm specs with real forging and milspec standard 7075 alloy metal body. All CNC machined components such as the bolt carrier group, trigger system, internal gearbox mechanism.

Self shimming/autocorrecting gears with self diagnostic/test feature

Same manual of arms as an AR type platform, can be shoot without a battery in single round mode. Wear and weather resistant coating on the magazines and gun

Has mock BCG which can be cock just like a real AR-15 meaning that the gun shoots with the piston locked back by a mechanical trigger

Powered by high torque motor, aeg type gears, and mosfet control system but with the feel of a real AR-15 trigger weight and action