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The DAS series of M416s are the ultimate simulation rifles with functional bolt carriers and bolt stops. A beautifully machined piece of engineering incomparable to your average AEG or GBBR, essentially the best of both worlds.

  • GBLS DAS (Dynamic Action System) internals gives the GDR series unparalleled recoil simulation
  • Built upon the experience with the GDR15 series, the GDR416 is a more robust and updated versions to the GDR lineup.
  • Built using the same quality manufacturing standards are real firearms, the entire body is steel hammer forged and machined to the highest mil-spec standards
  • The electronic AEG gearbox powers a moving mock bolt carrier group which works similar to a conventional GBBR design. It is essentially a GBBR that is powered by a AEG engine.
  • All features work just as the real Hk415 such as the bolt catch/release, bolt carrier, charging handle, safety, etc.
  • Bolt will still function without a battery, in single shot per-cock mode, just like a real rifle.
  • All CNC machined, including gearbox internals
  • Electronic fire control system monitors battery and gear function, has an auto shimming gear feature - EFC detects any inconsistencies with gear engagement and self checks/shims the gears
  • Gun can be converted to dry fire mode, bolt cycles as in normal function but does not discharge any air, reduces chance of accidental discharge during training dry-firing purposes. Also perfect for use a film props.



  • Manufactured by GBLS Korea
  • Electric powered recoil gun
  • Includes files for laser etching
  • GBLS ETS compact stock
  • GBLS slimline type grip
  • 10 inch 416D rail
  • Wire Protector
  • Reinforced high torque motor
  • Dean connector
  • Integrated MOSFET
  • Full and Semi-Automatic
  • Aluminum bolt carrier
  • Averages 400 FPS
  • Includes one 60 round metal magazine with bolt stop function
  • For 6mm Airsoft BB only
  • 11.1V only
  • 0.30g BBs and above recommended

Battery and Charger sold separately

Must be 18+ to purchase