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Hi-Capa 5.1 High Speed Sniping System

  • High-Speed Sniping with Recoil Shock Reduction and Short Stroke!
  • Consistent Accuracy during Rapid Firing!
  • Enhanced Versatility with Upper and Lower Rails!

This is a custom slide kit designed for Tokyo Marui Gas Blowback Gun High Capa 5.1 series. The slide is divided into front and rear sections and features dedicated internal parts for weight reduction and short stroke functionality. This design increases the blowback speed while significantly reducing recoil shock. As a result, you can achieve precise shooting without compromising accuracy, even during rapid firing.

The slide stop notch position has been adjusted to ensure proper functionality while maintaining a short stroke. The front half of the slide (front block) is made of aluminum alloy, functioning as a counterweight to minimize muzzle movement during continuous firing. The kit is equipped with an O-ring to securely hold the outer barrel in place. In addition to the standard Picatinny rail on the frame, you can also attach rail panels to the front block. Since the front block is independent of the slide, it won't interfere with the slide's operation even when mounting optics or other accessories. With the addition of a foregrip and a dot sight, you can unleash a firepower that surpasses expectations for a handgun.

Compatible with Tokyo Marui Gas Blowback Series
・High Capa 5.1 Government Model
・High Capa 5.1 Stainless Model
・High Capa 5.1 Match Custom
Not compatible with High Capa 5.1 Gold Match and High Capa D.O.R.
Not compatible with High Capa 4.3 series and High Capa Extreme.

Set Includes:
・Front Block
・Top Rail
・Lightweight Rear Sight (pre-installed on the slide)
・Short Stroke Cylinder
・Lightweight Piston
・Recoil SP Plug (pre-installed on the slide)
・Short Recoil SP
・Hard Cylinder Return SP
・Cap Bolt M2.5×6 (2 pcs)
・Countersunk Head Screw with Cross Hole M2.6×4 (2 pcs)
・Countersunk Head Screw with Hex Socket M3.0×4 (3 pcs)
・Hex Socket Set Screw M2.5×3 (pre-installed on the slide)
・Extra Low-Profile Hex Socket Set Screw M3.0×12 (1 pcs)