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LayLax AAP-01 High Power Gas Valve

AAP-01 ASSASSIN High Power Airsoft Gas Valve (Green Gas)

  • Stable high gas delivery!!
  • Adjustable gas flow!!
  • Optimized for Green Gas!!

Building upon the success from our “High Bullet Valve Neo R” this valve is optimized for use with higher-pressure gas such as green gas. Improving upon our original design, the tip of the valve shaft has been redesigned to stabilize shooting performance.

Adjusting the aperture, which controls the gas flow, remains the same as seen from our  “High Bullet Valve Neo R”.  The stepless adjustment of aperture width from full aperture to minimum aperture is simple and stress free. When the valve is opened fully, the gas flow will increase to the same level as those from power up valves giving you added kick and increased velocity. Conversely, when the valve is tightened, the stability of velocity and the gas efficiency will improve, optimizing it for shooters looking for consistent accuracy.

This valve also improves upon a wide range of quality-of-life changes.  From noise reduction of the mechanism, to shooters looking to reduce parts wear from high-temperature / high-pressure conditions.

Compatible Model: Action Army Gas Blowback Pistol