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LayLax Container Gun Case - Black-Grey

Container Gun Case

  • Unique new design, transforms into various styles of bags
  • Multi-purpose, all-in-one gun case

The LayLax Container Gun Case brings you a less tactical-looking and more stylish case for not only your guns, but for all of your gear. The case unfolds into a container keeping all of your gear in one place for quick and easy use.
Once you transform your stylish looking backpack into a tabletop gear container, there's no going back to traditional gun cases! Also handy for any outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, and picnicking! Try various configurations and transform your container gun case to best suit your transportation needs.

  • Unfolding gun case transforms into a gear container, gun mat, backpack, messenger bag, and more!
  • Adjustable zippers and hoops to retain your guns more securely.
  • Hold guns in length up to 780mm.
  • 3 large and 2 small side pockets, all labeled for quick and easy access.
  • Fresh urban design made of high quality fabrics for not only a fashionable, but highly versatile gear case.
  • Compact and easily folded for easy storage when not in use.
  • Dimensions: H800mm × W400mm × D100mm
  • Material: Polyester 100%