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LayLax High Bullet BB Loader PLUS

  • Compact size for easy storage
  • 6 BBs per press of the plunge
  • Massively expand your reservoir with a PET bottle!
  • The plunger is ambidextrous and can swing to the left or right!
  • Integrated gas magazine adapter for ease of use
  • Clear casing to easily see how many BBs remain

The LayLax High Bullet BB Loader is your all-in-one loader for all your reloading needs! Load a wide variety of magazines including AEG midcaps, Hi capa and M4 MWS gas magazines. Expand your reservoir without limits! Utilize a wide variety of PET (Plastic) bottles for even more BB storage.

No more losing your gas magazine adapter with our newly integrated adapter that folds neatly into the unit for easy storage. No more sore thumbs! Flip the plunger to either side of the unit for an easier grip and reload for both left and right-handed users. The translucent case allows you to check the remaining BBs and its compact size allows it to be stored in a wide variety of pouches and pockets.


  • High Bullet BB Loader x1
  • PET bottle adapter x1
  • Material: Resin