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LayLax KRISS Vector Strike Rail System

LayLax NITRO.Vo Krytac KRISS Vector Strike Rail System

Make your Vector look even more aggressive!
Simple 4 screw installation, no modifications needed.

The Vector Strike Rail System strives to retain the futuristic look of the Vector's design while adding a more aggressive handguard to the mix. The rail system further expands your attachment real estate for even more space for your optics, grips, lights, and more. The rail is built of lightweight aluminum for maximum durability, yet doesn't compromise your mobility.

Compatibility: Krytac KRISS Vector

Gun and other parts sold separately.
When attaching the Strike Rail System to the KRISS Vector Limited Edition AEG, please note that you will need the Krytac KRISS Vector Short Outer Barrel and the 155mm/PDW/Vector inner barrel for the rail and barrels to sit flush.