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LayLax P90 Armed Mag Clip

P90 Armed Mag Clip

  • Double magazine clip, double the fun
  • Compatible with the P90 Kydex Magazine Holder
  • Adjustable angle, durable, lightweight polymer build

The unique magazines of the P90 platform have had their challenges when it comes to reloading. However now, with the Armed Magazines Clip, you can clip together multiple magazines at an angle parallel to your P90 for quick and easy reloads!

Fully compatible and designed to fit our P90 Kydex Magazine holder as well. Double your magazine capacity and cut your reloads in half for even more fun!

・Krytac EMG FN P90 Magazines
・Tokyo Marui P90 Magazines

・Clip claws
・Hex bolts and screws

Material: Glass fiber reinforced polymer

※Assembly and adjustment requires a 3mm Hex key.
※Please remove all hex bolt from the magazine clip before assembly.

1. Remove all hex bolts.
2. Attach magazines, and adjust the claws around the magazines, tighten bolts back.
3. Adjust the amount of slack in the joints of the clip to allow for the desired amount movement.