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LayLax TM G19 "2 Way Fixed" Outer Barrel

Glock 19 "2 Way Fixed" Non-Recoiling Outer Barrel

●14mm CCW thread
●Lightweight and sturdy aluminum build
●Glock 19 gen. 3 and gen. 4 compatible!


Made for the TOKYO MARUI GLOCK 19 Gen. 3 and 4 gas blowback series. The combination of set grub screws and high strength aluminum alloy outer barrel make for a highly stable shooting platform. Choose between a non-threaded outer barrel cap for normal use, or a 14mm CCW threaded muzzle cap for infinite attachments. The outer barrel is also negatively threaded so 11mm positive threaded attachments can slide right in! 

"Non-recoiling" - What does it mean?
The non-recoiling outer barrel sets the inner barrel using 2 grub screws in order to fix the outer and inner barrels together. This creates a stable firing platform and reducing all movement between the outer barrel and slide. Consistent performance, stable accuracy and velocity. 


  • Metal Outer Barrel ×1
  • Normal Muzzle Cap ×1
  • SAS 14mm CCW Threaded Cap ×1
  • Hex Grub Screw ×1

Compatibility: Tokyo Marui GBB

  • G19 Gen.3
  • G19 Gen.4

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Color: Gun Metal