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Maple Leaf Crazy Jet 510mm for TM VSR10

The VSR specific cut is required for stock VSR-10 hop up chambers, but NOT for the Action Army Hop up Chamber.

Specification: for Marui VSR-10 / HFC VSR-11

The Maple Leaf Crazy Jet Barrel System is a super cool inner barrel design for airsoft gun upgrades. A 6.02mm precision brass made inner barrel with a finely tuned end piece that is slightly larger to create an "air cushion" surrounding the BB as it exits the barrel. This system reduces air turbulence as the BB leaves the barrel, greatly increasing its accuracy and intended trajectory. The barrel end is 6.12mm inner diameter to create the air insulation.

For use on both AEGs* and Gas Blowback pistols/rifles systems. *AEGs must use a Maple Leaf bucking to fit properly (you cannot use non-Maple Leaf on AEGs).

The Crazy Jet will not increase speed or distance, but will increase its accuracy. Works great on handguns and longer guns alike. These barrels will also work with AEGs when coupled with the Hop Up bucking from Maple Leaf. Gas guns can use the Maple Leaf or standard GBB buckings. We highly recommend Maple Leaf buckings for this system.

These are a drop-in fit for GBB Gas blowback guns from: WE, Tokyo Marui, VFC, and AW Custom, KJW guns, etc.

The 100mm fits HiCapa 4.3; 113mm fits HiCapa 5.1 - Tokyo Marui or WE brand gas pistols. Drop-in fit.

The 430mm is specifically designed for the Tokyo Marui VSR-10 rifle (cut for VSR/GBB buckings only).
The 300mm VSR length is also cut for VSR buckings, specifically for G-Spec length rifles. The VSR specific cut is required for stock VSR-10 hop up chambers, but not for the Action Army Hop up Chamber. For the Action Army Chamber, you are able to use any inner barrel as long as its designed for GBB/VSR buckings(Non KWA/KSC) and is of the appropriate length.

The KWA MP7 GBB is specifically cut for the KWA MP7 gun. This kit also includes a 70 degree bucking already installed along with a full black metal outer barrel (14mm CW threaded) and metal flash hider. This is a pretty nice custom kit for your MP7.

Use drop-down menu to select barrel length. Picture may vary from what you receive.

Made by Maple Leaf in Taiwan.