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Poseidon Orion No.1-Performance - Black

ORION’s latest specification pistol-ORION PERFORMANCE NO.1

Retains all the features of the ORION performance board and is designed according to the G-Model 19X size.

It uses a compact outer tube, slide sleeve, standard lower body and standard magazine to increase mobility, portability and have a basic ammunition capacity.

In addition, RMR and silencer can be mounted, making it the best choice for special operations groups.

As Poseidon's mature gun, the anti-freeze system is an important core of ORION. The CNC aluminum alloy ice chisel used is no longer just a modified product.

Instead, ORION’s standard accessories enable the gas system to operate normally even at low temperatures.

It also adopts a large outer diameter spring, which improves the stability and performance to a higher level.