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Prometheus AEG Spring MS135 Crimson

Non-Linear AEG Spring MS135 【CRIMSON】

Non-Linear AEG Spring Series Color Coded

Colored coded for easy identification of spring rates
Non-linear, irregular pitch design for less stress on your gearbox
Special coating to prevent paint flaking
Precision made in Japan

The spring of an airsoft gun is a basic part that affects the gun's overall velocity (FPS・M/S) and ROF (cyclic rate). Additionally, LayLax's non-linear spring provides the same great performance boost of traditional regular springs in addition to reduced stress on your gearbox and motor as well as easier compression. Not only does the non-linear spring alter your velocity and cyclic rate, but it increases durability as well!

MS spring rates are based on the rough meters per second on a 0.2g BB. You can expect roughly 100 M/S (328 FPS) +/- 5 m/s on a MS100 spring. The M/S or FPS can vary considerably due to your entire build setup, so please keep this in mind when choosing your springs. 


After extended use, small particles caused from natural wear and tear may occur. This will not damage or affect the performance or lifespan of your gearbox or parts.