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SKU: 4571443174116

Prometheus Selector Plate (6mm-8mm)

Prometheus EG Hard Gearbox Specialty Selector Plate (6-8mm)

  • Specialty selector plate for both 6mm and 8 mm EG Hard Gearboxes
  • Excellent electrical conductivity to complete your trigger and electrical unit.

Especially designed to fit the LayLax Prometheus EG Hard Gearbox series, both 6mm and 8mm. Precision cut resin for a stronger and smoother selector plate. Paired with quality contacts for your trigger and superior electrical conductivity for a complete trigger unit.

  • Included: EG Hard Gearbox Selector Plate x1

Compatibility: LayLax

  • EG Hard Gearbox 6mm
  • EG Hard Gearbox 8mm

Material: Resin