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Prometheus TM NGRS MP5 EG Barrel 229mm

  • Inner bore width of φ6.03mm with a ±0.01mm tolerance!
  • Solid BB stability and accuracy, made with enhanced stainless steel (SUS) material!
  • Length: 229mm specifically for Tokyo Marui  NGRS MP5 (Recoil Shock)
  • Material build: Stainless Steel (SUS)
  • Made In Japan

・Inner diameter 6.03mm
・Outer diameter 8.5mm

Inner barrel bore width of 6.03mm with a tolerance of ±0.01mm, made of stainless steel for superior strength necessary to maintain accuracy without the need for coatings. 

The barrel is arguably the heart of any airsoft gun and determines various performance factors such as velocity (FPS), accuracy, and precision (consistency). Real steel guns have a single metal barrel while airsoft gun barrels come in two pieces, an inner and outer barrel. The outer barrel reproduces the appearance of a real steel barrel, while the inner barrel is the actual barrel which fires the BB.

The EG Barrel Series is based off of the Tokyo Marui specification barrels. EG Barrels fit a variety of guns and outer barrels, so you can choose from a wide selection of barrel lengths that best suits your own custom build!