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SKU: PT180490307

PTS Enhanced Sling Plate - QD (ESP-QD)


The PTS Enhanced Sling Plate – QD is a sling plate made from a high strength steel that can withstand strong pulling forces in all directions. The built in QD cup is precision machined for dimensional consistency for compatibility with any high quality QD sling loop including the PTS Low Profile QD Sling Swivel.

- High strength steel construction
- Built in steel QD cup.
- QD cup compatible with PTS Low Profile QD Sling Swivel & standard QD Sling swivels (sold separately)

• AEG Version
• Color – Black
• Material – Premium Grade 304 Stainless Steel (high heat-resistant, good corrosion resistance)
• Finish – Matte Body with Silver QD Cup
• Dimensions – 52 x 36 x 8mm
• Weight – 26g approx. (AEG)
• Compatibility – Most AEG Airsoft