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Puff Dino Blacking Spray - 420ml

Matte black, flat black, quick-dry spray paint, anti-rust spray paint

  • Ingredients : Fine Grinding Carbon Black Pigment, Synthetic Resin, Propellant.

Puff Dino Blacking Spray use fine grinding carbon black pigment that has blacking effect on object surface. It works on metal materials like iron, stainless steel and aluminum or other materials like PVC and ABS.
The color of blacking spray is flat black with fine quality. It also provide anti-oxidation protection to aluminum without anodize.


  • Quick Dry: Apply spray with standard procedure, the spray dry up after 1 ~ 2 minute and saving process time at production line.
  • Thin Coating Layer: Thin coating layer will not affect the flatness of object surface.
  • Light Odor: Our blacking spray has light odor than other brands.
  • Great adhesion.


  • Use on patching missing color in black workpiece during production line. The blacking spray will dry quickly and wouldn't affect on following process.
  • Coloring on gun parts and model.


  • Spray small amount on inconspicuous part to ensure it is not corrosive to the object material before coating whole surface.
  • Before spraying, you must clean up the entire object surface to remove all the grease and dirt. This to ensure coating is evenly sprayed onto the object.
  • If object surface is not very smooth, please polish with grit size P250 ~ 400 sandpaper to ensure the best adhesion.
  • Do not spray thick coat at once, but separate coating in 2 ~ 3 times to add thickness to the layer.