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Puff Dino Camo Paint - 220ml

Puff Dino Camo spray paint allows user easily coloring their guns and model. With quick dry paint, it will shorten process time.

Special design for any type of guns and models to spraying with camouflage color. By using fine grinding pigment, it makes extremely thin coating with great adhesion and covering rate.

Volume: 220ml



  • Natural Color: Camouflage into natural environment and been unseen.
  • Quick Dry: The quick dry paint makes easier to overlapping color when spray.
  • Fine Coating Layer: Thin and refinement coating layer.


  • It is suitable for using on metal surface for gun and model. For plastic surface, we suggest to apply base paint first to increase adhesion (material like PP or PE may not easy to paint on).


  • Use sandpaper or other abrasive product to abrade object surface to ensure adhesion, especially if there are old paint coated on object.
  • We suggest you can clean with Puff Dino Spray Cleaning Naphtha to remove the grease and dust after abrade the object. Wait for it dry before you spray.
  • Use masker tape to cover parts that does not need to be spray and remove it after painted.
  • Shake the spray can for 10 second to get a good mixed inside the can before spraying.
  • Press the nozzle and keep the nozzle 10 ~ 15cm above the object when spraying. Try to maintain the distance and moving speed when spray. Spray multiple times with thin layer to achieve best performance.
  • Leave 10 minutes between every spray.


Fine Grinding Pigment, Resin, Solvent, Propellant