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SKU: PD-DL13-001

Puff Dino Dry Lube - Dust Free 130ml

Dry Lube, PTFE Lube

PUFF DINO Dry Lube - Smart Nozzle

This product is designed for the Airsoft players to better maintain their guns. It can lubricate most parts of a gun (such as slide, adjustable stock, trigger and gear box). With the PTFE additive, it not only lubricates but also protects your gun from environmental damage such as rusting caused by moisture and collecting dust in environment. This dry lube will not damage rubber and plastic parts, ease to use.


  • Spray on the surface of gun and wipe with clean cloth. This can clean the surface and protect it from rust and dust.
  • Effectively reduce friction.
  • Attached adjustable nozzle: pull it up for small precision parts and flip down for regular use.


  • Shake evenly before use
  • Adjust the nozzle: Lift the tube up for small part lubrication; flip down the tube to spray larger surface.
  • Can be used upside down if necessary


  • Volume: 130ml
  • Product Size: 5.2 cm x 5.2 cm x 17.6 cm
  • Ingredients: PTFE, Silicone, Solvent, Propellant