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Saiga-12K Full Automatic Selector Lever

Compatible model:

・Tokyo Marui Saiga-12K gas blowback shotgun

  • Full-auto for Saiga-12K
  • Allows switching between semi- and full-auto

This item adds a full-auto function to the Tokyo Marui Saiga-12K GBB. The semi-full switch has a solid click feeling, so there are no problems such as switching between semi-full and full auto without notice during shooting. The full-auto burst of bullets and the impact of the heavy bolt being fired in rapid succession are truly amazing!

Contents of the set: 
・Selector lever 1 pc.
・Plunger plate 1 pc.
・Ball plunger 1 pc.
・Plastic spacer 1 pc.
・Steel spacer 2 pcs.
・M4x8 hexagon socket head cap screws x2

How to use:

  • Push the plunger to the left for full-automatic operation.
  • Push it to the right for semi-automatic operation.
    *Make sure to set the selector (ASG-65) to the safety position before operating this product.