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TM AKM/AKX Custom Inner Barrel 200mm

  • Compatible Models: Tokyo Marui Gas Blowback Machine Guns
  • Inner diameter with precision tolerance of φ6.03±0.01mm
  • Barrel Length: 200mm
  • Inner iameter: φ6.03mm
  • Material: Stainless Steel (SUS)

This stainless steel inner barrel is designed to fit Tokyo Marui gas blowback machine guns, AKM, and AKX models. With an inner diameter of φ6.03mm and a high precision tolerance of ±0.01mm, it minimizes BB deviation inside the barrel, contributing to stable muzzle velocity.
※Make sure to clean the barrel interior before use.
※Never use BBs that have been fired or dropped on the ground. The tight inner diameter of the barrel may cause jams with deformed or dirty BBs.