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Tokyo Marui Accuracy Bipod


  • Stable launch is possible
    By erecting the legs and using it as a support, you can shoot a rifle with a long overall length in a stable posture.
  • Equipped with swing & lock mechanism
    The legs can swing left and right. After adjusting the tilt of the muzzle to the left and right while supporting it with a bipod, you can quickly lock it by operating the handle.
  • Foldable
    When not in use, the legs can be folded forward.
  • Adjustable height
    The length of the legs can be switched in 6 steps, and the height can be adjusted according to the physique, posture, and terrain.
  • Compatible with 20mm rails
    The bolt-action air rifle can be easily attached and detached without tools. If you use the included adapter, you can also attach it to an underrail with a width of 20 mm.