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VFC Cat Paws Bipod Sheath - 2pcs

Multi -purpose Cat Paws Bipod Sheath
This cat paws bipod sheath can avoid the bipod scratching flooring and wooden tables, which can reduce noise and protect items. The materials of this product are made of silicone. With good wrapping, good elasticity, non -slip feature and cute

Healing Pink Cat Paws Meatball
The meat balls on the cat's paws are loved by everyone. The flesh of the soft is loved by the touch. The appearance is super cute and healing! Full small meat balls are super healing people's hearts, so that friends who are cat lovers are not unable to extricate themselves!

All things are wearable ?
In addition to being used as a bipod sheath, this cat paws bipod sheath can also be used to put it in the front grip, magazine, and anything you want to get. You can use it! Even the box can be used as a mobile phone frame! It is amazing!!!